Sunday, September 26, 2010

Trip to Singapore for the Formula 1 GP - Day Four & Five

The next day, we all woke up so very late! Went out partying till the early morning. All we did was get up, got dressed, eat and it was time to go party again. We hit the Johnnie Walker Jet Black party at One on the Bund to catch the beginning of the F1. Check out the invitation...

Nice huh! A gold F1 tag.

Here's the view from the One on the Bund...

The atmosphere was pretty awesome. you could hear those lovely engines blasting away. Here's a short clip...

Inside, everyone loaded up on finger foods and of course, Johnnie Walker.

We left after a short while and headed off to a room on the 61st floor of the Swissôtel.

The view was even more spectacular. You could see so much of the track. You can see the corner Hamilton made contact with Webber very clearly too!

Next stop, Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore. We popped by to check out Stereolab's F1 after party.

This lovely DBS was parked in the lobby. One's coming soon, I'll be sure to snap some pictures and clips.

Then we headed to the Marina Sands to take a peek at Ku De Ta. Later, we went to the casino. Made some Singapore Dollars here. It's a nice feeling, to take money from a casino. (^_^)

The next day, we took it easy. A little shopping, lounging... Stopped by Brotzeit 313 again and had Kaiserschmarrn with plum sauce and coffee! Bliss!

Spotted a Zinc store! This one sells bags though. *laughs*

Johan's uncle got this replica zanpakutō of Ichigo Kurosaki in bankai form, from the Bleach anime and manga. Cool!

We packed up not long after and headed for the airport. It was a very good weekend in Singapore. Good plan to do it again next year!


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