Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ken Block DC Manteca 3 Lowtop


I've managed to get a pair of Ken Block DC Manteca 3 Lowtop shoes last year and had them shipped to me.

Thank you to all my buddies in the States for helping me with the search and hooking me up!

They recently arrived but unfortunately, I got them in the wrong size! Crap! I've decided to let these go so they are up for sale! This version is sold out and very hard to come by.

Ken Block DC Manteca 3 Lowtop
Model Name : BLOCK MNT 3
Model Number : 302427
Color : Black / White / Soft Lime
Size : US 8.0 / UK 7.0 / EUR 40.5 / 26.0cm

So if you're interested in getting these hard to come by kicks, get in touch with me and I'll hook you up. (^_^)


ken said...


Jas said...

Awesome! I used to collect DC shoes as well but recently I gave my heart out to Converse (:

WoayChee said...

ken block? sound familiar, inside the DIRT2 game.. he is rally driver?

Leo said...


Aww. Can collect both brands what. ;)

Yeah. The crazy fella in the videos.
Ken Block Gymkhana Practice Two
Ken Block Gymkhana Practice

My47th said...


Leo,Valentine Day is around the corner. If i transform into a darn good looking bikini babes (eventho im a gud lookin man currently),is there any chance i can get this shoe for Fweee? :)

Leo said...

*laughs* Err, no. (^_^)

Joseph Anthony said...

interested in buying them off you... just my size. Still for sale?

Leo said...

Joseph Anthony,
Sorry mate. They've been sold. =)

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