Monday, October 5, 2009

SplitFire Super Direct Ignition System


Having fitted the Okada Projects Plasma Direct Ignition Coils, I am putting my SplitFire Super Direct Ignition System for sale. These are almost new and barely used as I just fitted them not long ago.

This is the SF-DIS-005 model for RB engines. It is suitable for RB26DETT, Rb25DET, RB25DE and RB20DE.

Excuse the english as I think its a direct japanese translation.

"SplitFire Super Direct Ignition System was developed to improve power of ignition system adopted in the domestic high power engine.

The further detailed analysis of the latest ignition system was conducted. The structure of coil pack adopted for each cylinder was drastically modified. It enables to provide a constant, stable voltage and complete combustion. Also it improves power, torque and combustion efficiency. Further the special circuit adopted for this unit helps to start engine at low voltage. It provides the excellent starting performance even at lower voltage. It also eliminates noise and RFI (Radio Frequency interference) for audio equipment because plug wires were eliminated. This ignition system is effective for not only normal cars but also hard tuned cars and brings out the potential of cars at street and racing scene."

I'm letting these go for RM1300. Get in touch with me if you are interested.


Chang Chew Soon said...

hi man, guess you're another believer of the Okada Projects coils like me!

its damn good stuff and think you made a brilliant choice!

p/s: wouldn't mind if i link to your blog?

Leo said...

Chang Chew Soon,
Yup yup. I've heard they are the best. =)

Not at all, link away! *laughs*

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