Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Totaled Green BCNR33

Remember my previous post of my ranting of how shit the quality of the tuning magazines we have in Malaysia these days... (Farfetched Malaysian Auto Magazines)

There was a nice Green BCNR33 on the cover with claimed 800bhp.

Well, the owner and fellow ZeroToHundred.com member who goes by the nickname raptorie54, sold it not too long ago because his wife made him. You can check out his thread 'BCNR33 GT-R for SALE :('. (I know! I feel for him...)

This car has a nice long list of modifications and a solid 493whp that was dynoed & tuned by GT Auto. Here's the list he published...

BCNR33 GT-R V-Spec
493whp/torgue 52 dynoed & tuned by GT Auto
100% accident free (expert inspection welcome)
GT-3 RS green


under the hood
HKS cams 256/264 + HKS adjustable pulleys
HKS GTSS twin turbo
HKS metal head casket set
Tomei exhaust manifold
Tomei turbo outlet
Kakimotor Y-pipe
RSR exhaust system
HKS intercooler + pipings
Tomei oil pump
SARD fuel ragulator
Samco hoses
Splitfire ignition coil
NGK Racing plug
Tial blow off valve
Nismo plenum
Nismo injectors
Koyo radiator
Nismo oil cooler
Getrag 6 speeds transmission (BNR34)
Kansai kevlar plugcoil & cam pulley covers
Kansai tower bar

management & gauges
Haltech E11 v2
Greedy Profec B boost controller
Apexi pen turbo timer
Apexi boost & exhaust temp gauges
Nismo 320 km/h speed meter

Aragosta adjustable shockers
Cusco sway-bars front & rear
AP Racing 6-pots front
SSR GT-2 18"x10.5jj +15 with 90%++ Advan Neova AD07
new bushings

Xenon headlamp (last batch BNCR33)
LED taillamp
400R bodykit
Top Secret front wide 20mm fender
Auto Select rear CF spoiler
Top Secret front bonnet

Personal/OZ competizione steering (rare)
Recaro RS-G full bucket (driver) with original Recaro rail for BCNR33
Recaro SR-6 semi bucket (passenger) with original Recaro rail for BNCR33
Superior gearstick & handbrake covers (CF look)
Superior CF center console
Nismo gearknob
Nismo carpets

A couple of pictures too...

I'm really sad to find out that this beautiful car has been totaled last Saturday...

Fortunately, the driver is still alive. I haven't the slightest clue what happened or what is the story behind this tragic accident. Anyone want to fill in the blanks?

P.S. To everyone out there, if you have a powerful car always be careful. You are not invincible. As they always say, with great power comes great responsibility. It's the rainy season and the roads are wet and slippery. Drive safe.

Which reminds me, to the moron in the Silver Satria Neo filled with passengers, poking a Supra and a GT3 RS, swerving in and out and over taking them doesn't make you faster. It just shows what an idiot you are because at the end of the day, all I had to do was put my foot down a little when the roads cleared up and you were already eating dust.


Chris Yip said...

The accident happened at Manjalara Kepong. Car wrapped around 2 trees. Really feel sad over this matter coz i know the owner, he maintains his car at my workplace and freaquently buys us lunch and drinks. And if im not mistaken, i was the last mechanic working on his car, fixing his power steering hose leakage.

Leo said...

Chris Yip,
Thanks for sharing. It's really sad to see such a beautiful machine wrecked...

hamzah said...

Whos the satria neo poser guy?

Wanna cucuk supra and porsche summore ah?


Seems like u know him only..

Leo said...

No idea.

Da Devil said...

seems like caught on fire as well...hmm,sad indeed,R26 gone

Victor Eian said...

too fast to handle??

It's raining season, better drive safe & slow.... slow.... slow....

Probably the new owner can't handle that much of power....

Bryan said...

dat asswipe NEO sideswiped me and leo

Victor Eian said...

all I had to do was put my foot down a little when the roads cleared up and you were already eating dust.

So mean.. but very true !! ahahahahaha

farizio said...

this car was at bukit bintang the night i met you at rootz... i passed it by otw to the parking and i commented how clean it looked.. cant believe i saw it just before this happened, thw world has lost another mint R33..

lasapka said...

It happened because the owner tot he himself is a GTR loz...

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