Friday, June 25, 2010

Nexus One gets new shell

If you all remember, there was a post on how I dropped my phone again (So I dropped my Nexus One... Again!).

The Google Nexus One housing replacement, Google Nexus One Replacement Touch Screen and Case-mate Barely There case has arrived!

Got these in the mail today.

Google Nexus One housing replacement, Google Nexus One Replacement Touch Screen and Case-mate Barely There case.

It wasn't difficult to do the housing swap. All I did was follow this clip on how to dismantle the Nexus One. You'd need some tools usually used for opening phones too. A T5 screwdriver, a number 00x50 Philips screwdriver, and the plastic cellphone case opening tool.

About 45 minutes later... TA DA! Looks brand new!

No more dings, scuffs or scratches!

Next I just applied the screen protector and snapped on the Case-mate Barely There case.

Added a bit of bulk but it's bearable.


My47th said...

Im just wondering...How long will it take before you write a new article titled "So I dropped my Nexus One..Again...yup Again.." :p

hamzah said...

How is this Google Nexus One phone compared to the Iphone 3G?
Any regrets buying this phone?
Because im planning to get this phone too.

Leo said...

I think when the time comes, probably a good time to change phone.

It's not bad. It's still not as refined as the iPhone, but it's getting very close. I saw potential when I was using the HTC Magic which was running Android too. Development for Android is very quick and they're getting really close. I think Apple can sense it too. (^_^) If you want something different, go for it.

hamzah said...

Ouwh yea.
But the HTC Evo 4G was also just launched! With 8 megapixel camera at the back and a 1.3 in the front.haha
Quite a hard choice, but still im gonna think about it.
And i think Android 2.2 is now available from Google already.
I also love the HTC HD2, but it uses a Microsoft OS, and i hate that OS. If it were using the Android OS i wud have gone for the HD2.
But right now im still thinking on which one to get,or maybe i shud wait for the HTC Evo 4G to come here. haha

Leo said...

The HTC Evo 4G is a CDMA phone. You can't use that in Malaysia. I was eyeing that too.
The benefits of the Nexus One is that it's Google's own phone so they get all the updates first.
Yeap, Froyo is available.

Ricky said...

I am thinking of purchasing a Nexus One with a cracked screen. Where did you purchase the housing replacement and replacement touch screen? How much did you pay for both? Did you have to put new adhesive when installing the new touch screen? Any help or advise you can give would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Lennon said...

May I know where you purchase the original housing?

Leo said...

I don't know if it's an original housing but I got it from Hong Kong. (^_^)

I didn't have to put any new adhesive. However, I suggest you do because dust gets under the screen easily. I've already got some in there.

RahulDave said...


Mind sharing the link which you bought the replacement housing?

I'm having prob with my N1 Housing too


apeqjualsayur said...

bro. may i know where did u buy the case mate case from?

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