Saturday, September 25, 2010

Trip to Singapore for the Formula 1 GP - Day Three

The next day, was shopping day. The girls and the guys split up in to two groups to do their shopping. Jas followed the girls as he wanted to shop for his girlfriend who wasn't with us this trip.

We all met up again in front of the other Brotzeit outlet at Raffles City. Situated in a nice corner, it was full house as it was right next to one of the F1 GP entrances.

So we gathered up and headed towards our Gate...

It was as packed inside, as it was at the entrance!

Spotted some tents selling F1 merchandise so we went to grab some stuff.

I bought two Ferrari shirts, one Polo T-Shirt in white and one button down T-Shirt in red. I was looking for a nice Ferrari bag to go along with the shirts, but the Ferrari bag designs are just too boring. It's classic but not very nice. Then this caught my eyes...

That is very cool looking, I thought. Looks like an alien bug or something stuck to your back.

Coool... So I picked one up too. Unfortunately, it was a Vodafon McLaren Mercedes bag. Ahh, but what the heck, it's cool!

Doesn't it remind you of a Protoss Reaver?

After that we went to grab some bites and beer and made our way to our seats, which was facing the Singapore Supreme Court, just before turn 10.

View from our seats.

After the last practice session, we headed to Brotzeit 313 at Somerset, to have our dinner. The one at Raffles City, although much closer was just too pack to accommodate all of us. Met up with Malcolm, Neet and Danny who are with the Singapore Brotzeit team.

The world famous Roasted pork knuckle served with Sauerkraut!

The Kalbsrahmgulasch, a traditional braised veal shank "Goulash" in paprika sauce with buttered spatzle.

After dinner, we headed back to catch the qualifying. Alonso got pole! So happy that night!
Managed to snap a quick video...

I don't have tickets to watch the race inside the next day but we've got another awesome spot to catch the race!

Bye bye for now...


thenomadGourmand said...

Oh my! Ur obsessed with Brotzeit !! Hehehe..
I like the bag's gonna look like u got an insect on yr back! ;p

Khong Jiun said...

hey! can i know where can i get the vodafon mclaren mercedes bag? i love it! thanks!

Leo said...

Khong Jiun,
If you read, I mentioned I bought it at one of the tents selling F1 merchandise...

Khong Jiun said...

sorry leo, i just noticed. *laughs* actually i keep looking for Ferrari bag but not even one of them caught my attention. too bad! haha.. but i really like the mercedes bag. so sad i can't find it in malaysia. anyway, thanks!

Leo said...

No worries. ^_^
F1 in Sepang is just around the corner, maybe you can try there then. I saw some of the newer Ferrari bags and they look okay actually.

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