Monday, August 9, 2010

Car Town

Damn... This can be quite addictive.

The majority of games on Facebook focus on mobs, farms and what not, isn't it about time the petrol heads get one of their own? Say hello to Car Town and more late nights and sleep deprived mornings. *laughs*

What you do is you run your own garage, earning points doing jobs like washing cars, changing spark plugs, entering car shows, installing parts and delivering pizzas. You then use these points to buys cars and getting stuff done to them to make them go faster for races amongst your friends!

Unlock the CBA-R35 at level 60!

Drag race your friends.

Build your garage.

It's really simple. Nothing complicated.

Jobs you can do to collect points.

Check out the promo video below...


ScoobyDoo said...

u have got to be kidding me right? hahahaha!

someone told me he'll play Car Town when he's free, looks like he is addicted =p

Andy 4ever said...

Hey Leonard, dammit..... I'm addicted to it already after I clicked on your recommendations in my Facebook. Hahahaha....... I'm still sitting in front of the laptop to click & click. Hahahaha.......

Leo said...

Not kidding! *laughs*

Yes, addicted liao.

Andy 4ever,
*laughs* I'm addicted to it too. Now a few of my friends are cursing at me cause they're addicted too. =P

Prince said...

Oh..... no I'm addicted too *haha*

Andy 4ever said...

Me too bro, some of my buddies cursing me even up to now as I'm typing this reply. They said the cars are just too cute to ignore. Hahahaha.......

3R1C said...

I'm addicted too~~

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