Sunday, October 10, 2010

WALD NISSAN GT-R SPORTS LINE Black Bison Edition in the flesh...

Now this is interesting. The other day, a friend of my dad's came over to visit. He was letting a couple of his cars go, including this...

It's a CBA-R35 with a WALD NISSAN GT-R35 SPORTS LINE Black Bison Edition kit on it. It's not my cup of tea, still, this kit is not cheap! Check out the flared arches!

Carbon diffuser.

22-inch WALD P13F. Massive.

Carbon, carbon everywhere.


hmph said...

Urgh... The rims and flared arches are kinda nasty looking - the arches especially remind me of my satria gti :-P
Not what I'd take if I could afford one of these beauties, but then again, different strokes for different folks :-)

JoHnNy said...

Where can i get this skirts??? help me ask ur friend? i need one badly

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