Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sneak preview of Joe Yap's (#TV2) Bayside Blue BNR34

Joe use to drive around in a nice maroon RX-8.

He later decided to move on to a wicked kitted 350Z.

On Friday, August 28, 2009, after a Teh Tarik session at Aman Suria, Joe was bitten by the GT-R bug. We had all gone for a drive (The one with the Friday night TT) to Putrajaya and boy was he smitten. I remember him asking me plenty of questions while parked at the side of the road and eventually ending the conversation with him saying, "I think I will get one soon...". I guess he literary meant what he said!

Fast forward a couple of weeks later, Joe Yap has just gotten himself a nice (#TV2) Bayside Blue BNR34. Unfortunately, he had some complications and had to wait for his car to be delivered but according to him, it should be in his hands by next week.

Here are a couple of pictures he put up.

He has already begun to make a list of things he wants done to it. Congratulations Joe! Welcome to the wonderful world of the Nissan GT-R.


hamzah said...

whoaa damn!
he can change cars like hes buying clothes.
what does this joe guy work as?
i think i will change my course straight away!
hoho :)

Russ said...

Nice looking beast, looks fierce at the front with the diffuser painted blue as well.. all he needs now is some clear indicators, Nismo wheels and some bigger turbos... ;)

Leo said...

No idea. =)

Yup, yup. Get those and you're on your way down the road of no return. *laughs* =D

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