Sunday, January 22, 2012

Project "Kermit": New rear end...

The new rear bumper has been fitted and painted.... well, sort of. It's a Duell Ag replica bumper with diffuser.

Because it was the festive seasons, and my painters didn't want to be keeping my car in their garage whilst everyone left for a weeks break, 'Kermit' paint job was a little rushed and returned to me for Chinese New Year.

The problem is, it's still incomplete!

The diffuser was accidentally painted Verde Ithaca. It will be painted matte black after the holidays. Bumper fitment is far from perfect. On both sides where the black plastic wheel arch trims meet the rear bumper, the gap and alignment is terrible! I hope the painters can do something about it. Other than that, just little touch-ups and probably a nice polish when everything is sorted. Oh, I need to weld my exhaust tips back too!

Also, I need to get this Alta 2% oversized lightened crank pulley installed...


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