Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Women these days can be very deceiving

Is it me, or lately there has suddenly been a lot more attractive looking women out there?

Occasionally you'd get ones with nice long silky hair from the back, and when you look at the front, you're greatly disappointed. Now days, when you go out to drinking holes, clubs or bars, you find that there are many women who look really good... But then you take them home, and wake up the next morning in shock! *laughs*

I now understand why... So guys, go for girls with light make up or natural beauty if you don't want to be surprised by something like this... =P

I couldn't find the first part on YouTube so view it here :- 點解會咁架!!!

The second part.


Supia Chao said...

Make up do wonders. Perhaps only Taiwan girls are that fancy about it. Coz my cousin studying at Taiwan said that he felt that all the girls are so fake due to the heavy think make up.

Cosmetic eat up your skin, too think make up will only make you go for thinker next time to cover all those not-so-pretty spot. Thus, making your skin really dull. Once you start to make up, you can't stop.

But if a guy really love a girl, aren't him suppose to accept the not-so-pretty side of her without make up?

Leo said...

Super Chao,
Yes, make up does wonders! I don't think is just the Taiwanese girls. It's more like asian girls. (^_^)

Yes, too much cosmetics is not good for your skin. The amount of chemicals can't be healthy at all.

You have a valid point there but imagine going to a shop. Seeing something so nice and pretty on the display and then you buy one. You bring it home, you open the box and it's not what you paid for. *laughs* Of course you'd be disappointed. =P

:: Nicole.W :: said...

not only make up.. pics as well.. see pic, meet up in person and u'll be like o.O

Jia Shin said...

girls just wanna look great sometimes, i myself put on heavy make up too, we get so used to it it's kinda hard to change, hehe, but thank god when im not as dramatic as the girls in the video when i remove my make up

Louis said...

hi leo, found the first part of the vid, but it's in FB.
girls are really good deceivers with those makeups... dang!

Leo said...

:: Nicole.W ::,
Yeap, pictures, guys and girls alike, can be manipulated. (^_^)

Jia Shin,
I understand. It's supposed to enhance your appearance, not completely change it right? *laughs*

Thank you for sharing. I actually already have the link to the first part in my post. It's from Facebook too. (^_^)

AZT said...

things are so messed up right now =,=

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