Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brabus Vanish, a one of a kind

The Mercedes SL65 AMG Black is already a very capable machine pushing the 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 of the SL65 AMG up to 670 HP. On top of that, weight has been reduced drops the weight by a whopping 250kg with carbon body parts, the top speed has been increased to 320 KPH and the 0-60 time has been dropped to the mid three second range. Only 350 of these bad boys will ever be made.

Now, Brabus has taken an already potent road monster and given it some steroids!

Enter the Brabus Vanish, an 800 HP SL!

This beast is a one off for a very wealthy resident of Dubai so I guess you won't expect to see in the flesh in your lifetime.
Brabus has went ahead and added bigger turbo's, gearbox upgade, bigger break calipers, custom vanish plates written on them and an upgraded exhaust. Sick!

My only qualm is, what's up with that plasticky looking thing on the hood?

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3R1C said...

I have the same question as well Leo

Jas said...

sleek! awesome :)

Gerald Cheong. said...

ya, what's up with that plastic thingy on the hood? and shame about the shifter..looks too damn ol skool for a car like that

Andy 4ever said...

Wow!!! It's sure one heck of a ride from Mercedes & it looked stunning!

super~duper said...

guess the plasticky thing directs wind above the windscreen, giving less friction when the sl turns on hyperdrive.

Leo said...

Yeah, you may be right. Looks ugly as heck though. Hahaha.

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