Sunday, January 22, 2012

Can You Identify These Brands Without Seeing Their Names Or Logos?

A new board game by Dutch designer Hendrik-Jan Grievink asks players to identify major brands based on visual clues alone. You'll be surprised by how easy it is.
Lots of people think that they’re beyond branding--that because they refuse to buy coffee at Starbucks, never shop at Lacoste, and couldn’t care less about Coca-Cola’s latest can snafu, they’re immune from the effects of an exhaustively branded world.

A new board game is here to prove them dead wrong. Brand Memory, by Hendrik-Jan Grievink for the Dutch publishing house BIS, has a simple premise: Identify major brands, from Apple and Ferrari to, yes, Starbucks and Lacoste, just by glancing at their visual components. No names, no logos.

Check out the sample problems below. You’ll be surprised by how easy they are, which, of course, says less about your brilliance at board gaming than about corporations’ power to seep into even the most impenetrable corners of culture, right down to the six inches between your ears.

Answers below.

[Images courtesy of Hendrik-Jan Grievink]

Source Co.Design

Answers: 1. Absolut 2. Burger King 3. Ferrari 4. Jagermeister 5. KFC 6. Mars 7. Nike 8. Oreo 9. Penguin 10. Starbucks 11. Lacoste


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