Monday, February 28, 2011

The white iPhone 4

Yes, the iPhone 4 has been 'Stormtrooper-ized'! *laughs*

A couple of days ago, the kit to turn my iPhone 4 into a white one, which I ordered online arrived. Apparently the official white iPhone 4 will be released very soon but hell, why waste my current one.

Since I didn't want to break my iPhone 4, I decided to let the experts do the swapping for me. A quick visit to iPhoneFix at Centrepoint Bandar Utama and tadaahhh!

The iPhone 4 is now a fellow Stormtrooper! *laughs*

Coupled with the Element Case, AR15-V, it is looking pretty good. Matte just like the rims of the Nur.

Big thanks to Halmi of iPhoneFix. If you guys need a really good place to repair your iPhone's, I highly recommend this spot. If you are looking to pick up an iPhone 4 from Maxis without the contract, I believe Halmi still has 2 sets. Head on over and pick one up if you're interested. He also does PSP repairs if I'm not mistaken.

Benny Lee was the one who hooked me up with the Element Case and if you're interested, shoot him a message. There are a couple of imitations and replica's out there so beware. Benny's stuff was ordered in bulk from the states and I can vouch that it's all genuine.


bennlee83 said...

thanks mate! looking wicked! thinking of switching mine to white! still more reasonable than buying the white one!

Wa.Lau.Wei said...

Stormtrooper FTW!

adrian.romen said...

ooo Vapor Element! nice one :D

IphoneFiX said...

Nice blog bro and appreciate the link and your kind words :) IphoneFiX is small but we try to treat our customers as friends and keep things personalized :)

Chow Leong said...

Hi.. Heard from many online reviews commenting vapor alum bumper case blocks out RF thus resulting in poor receptions.. Any issue with yours?

Leo said...

Chow Leong,
Umm, it's alright for me so far. ^_^

Chow Leong said...

Good to know that.. Am in doubt whether should I get one for my phone as well.. Thx and great blog you have there =]

Am3er said...

any idea how much is the white casing if to buy n ship here? i had a pretty bad scratch on mine..tq

Leo said...

Ameer, Google. There's plenty online. ^_^

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