Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bold 9700 is now a Stormtrooper

So I recently got my Blackberry 9700 pimped by Eric Soong...

Who is Eric Soong? Well, he's a guy who does custom blackberry housings and he'll do it for you all in a couple of minutes! If you're interested in getting your Blackberry pimped, check out his site here and here.

It's now, a Stormtrooper... Just like the rides.

I've also just received my white iPhone 4 housing! Can't wait to get it done up in the Stormtrooper theme as well... Will take some shots once it's done.


Khoo said...

Hey Leonard,

Mine me asking, where did you get your iphone 4 white housing from? Really keen with it :)


Leo said...

I bought it off the internet. Can't remember which one but try Google. Plenty of people selling online.

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