Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What's been happening?!

So, you all are probably wondering, where's Guinevere?

Well, she's recently had the routine maintenance done to her. Tires needed to be replaced as they have been on since I got those TE37's. That means my tires were on for a good 2 years. They have develop some form of deformity and were bulging. Erk!

The Dunlop Direzza's don't look good...

A new set of Pirelli P Zero Rosso's have been fitted now. I guess Pirelli and Terry Richardson colaboration did a good job of keeping them in my mind! (Who can forget the Pirelli 2010 Callendar by Terry Richardson!)

Funny how it looks like the tires are thicker and fatter then before. They're the same size and profile as the Dunlops.

Had the front and rear brake pads changed as well. Not as much squealing as before but it's still there. Much better though. I still need bigger brakes!

Guinevere had had her oil flushed too. The turbines were sent to be serviced and inspected to make sure everything is working properly.

I've also gone ahead and added a SARD swirl pot and twin SARD fuel pumps. This was recommended by Mr. Jun Furukawa when he mapped the car the first time. So now it's safe to boost a little higher with peace of mind. (Check out my previous post, 'Mapped')

I've got a couple more additions in mind but they are more cosmetic. Hope it all turns out well. I really do not want to spoil the lines and the clean look she has right now. (^_^)


GTR: Long live my masta. said...

Nice tyres you got man, Pirelli PZero Rosso. How much cost those tyres.

Leo said...

GTR: Long live my masta.,
Thanks! Umm, let's just say they are very painful on the wallet. *laughs* 19's are not cheap man.

vinesh said...

Don't ever spoil her lines bro,just don't!!...it would be a sin to do so..hahaha

Red_ said...

LOL! growth in tires!

Jonathan K said...

Should put on some Re-11's hahaha

Eu Jin said...

So no more spare tyre now bro? Hehe

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