Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chrison's 'The Driver' animation series

I saw this posted on Eu Jin's blog the other day (EJ's Nissan Skyline GF-ER34 (スカイライン)). Then reader 350zzz shared it too.

'The Driver' by Chrison. Who is TheDriver? - "TheDriver" is an animated tv series scheduled for a Summer 2011 release.

Here's the trailer...

Looks interesting! Awesome the R35 is going to be a main feature!

Chrison is a great animator and I'm sure you've all seen his previous work, "Extreme Limit" 2001, an official short. "Extreme Limit" is the first animated short done by Chrison and he clipped it with "No One Sleep in Tokyo" Music by EDO BOYS. You know, the stuff you hear on Initial D? *laughs*

Here's "Extreme Limit" 2001 - Official Short...

Check out the official 'The Driver' site.


George said...

I'm so gonna watch this! This is really good! Releasing anytime soon?

Leo said...

It's currently scheduled for a Summer 2011 release. (^_^)

vinesh said...

this thing is gonna be epic man..thank God for the 1500kbps download speed (not 150kbps mind u) im getting at uni!!

Ben said...

Anyone notice the panda AE86 crashing at 00:37? lol..

Looking forward to the show.

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