Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mugen RR

Updated! More pics.

240hp at 8,000rpm and 160lb-ft at 7,000 revs all from a 4 pot 2 liter engine but would you pay that kind of money for one?

Credits to William Wong for the pictures.


Gun said...

Hey dude,

You seem to know alot about GTRs.

Was wondering if I could ask you some stuff about R35s?

Drop me an email if I could.


Vincent said...

How much money are we talkin about right here? Around RM 350,000?

Hell no. But I won't mind paying that price for your R34. Do you mind? Hehehe.. =D

nicwan8 said...

So jealous!!!! argh..why can't I have it here

AZT said...

so how much is it leo

Leo said...

Around the 300K mark. I think there's one unregistered going for RM310K nego.

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