Friday, March 26, 2010

Goodies from UK

Right, so my lil' bro, Aaron is back from the UK for a short easter break. It's nice to see him back here again. I've missed him! He brought back mountains of junk food! Woo hoo! Candy Candy Candy! Chocolates!

He also brought back with him...

A GT-R flask to keep coffee in.

A GT-R mug to drink coffee from. *laughs*

These lovely shoes from when he visited the Mclaren factory.

I want a pair of those shoes too!


Victor Eian said...

but where's the Ford Focus RS Mark II??

Leo said...

Victor Eian,
Still in UK. Might not bring it back. He'll use it there. (^_^)

Victor Eian said...

Leo, haha ..i am just teasing ^^

Leo said...

Victor Eian,
Cheeky! (^_^)

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