Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The one with the 500th post

My, my how time flies...
Another year has gone by and it's been almost two years since my first post on the 4th of April 2008.
It's now reached my 500th post!

What better way to celebrate than to give back to the people that supported this blog. SO, I'm giving away a Sony NWZ-B135F Walkman (2GB, Black) MP3 player! Cool?

Just make a post on Facebook or your blog about theClippingpoint.blogspot.com and put up the link or snapshot here in the comment section or on the cbox on the right from now till the 5th of January 2010. Will compile the entires then select them out of a bag or something. *laughs*

This is my very first blog giveaway and I'm sure there will be more to come and bigger prizes as the blog grows.

A very big thank you to all the readers and followers for all the support and keeping this blog alive.


ScoobyDoo said...

aiyo..i thought u giving away ur turbo or something =p

have a good one =)


Leo said...

You want to sponsor the turbo? *laughs*
Bro, this is all the blog can afford with the limited ads and such la. If I have sponsors like you can la. =P

ScoobyDoo said...

i thought u got extra? like your tomei downpipe..LOL..

but the sony player is good enough lah IMO =)


ikus said...

OK Leo, I will advertise your blog on my facebook, autoworld forum...and many more...

ikus said...

Hi Leo,
your blog link is now on autoworld forum!!!!


shengfatt said...

congratz ! keep up ur good work!
nanged u! Cheer up ur couple by nang this and read how to make him/her a dessert!

Victor Eian said...

a loyal reader wont ask for a Sony Walkman. What a loyal reader want is more update on your blog !!

**yes, i do want more updates on your NUR... :P**

Joshie said...


Here's mine.! Didnt do it for the prize

ikus said...

nice dessert there...looks very yummy/tasty

ikus said...

Hi Leo,

hahaha...i promote your blog @ Paul Tan's facebook wall.

Here, this is the snapshot;

Nikel Khor said...

i want it sony walkwan...

here me at Nikel Khor

Leo said...

No extras. Do you have any to sponsor? *laughs*

Whoa, thank you, thank you. You need not be so aggressive with promotion. You're already in the running for the MP3 player. =)

Thanks! Will check that out. =)

Victor Eian,
*laughs* Haven't gotten any updates for her yet ler. Perhaps soon la...

Thanks Joshie. Cool! You write really well!

Nikel Khor,
Just participate and you'll be in the running to pick it up. It's pretty simple. =)

Fallen Angel said...

Here's my entry -->

zahid said...

leo, i wonder if i can 'stole' some your content picture to complement my review?

looking forward for your permission.

Leo said...

Fallen Angel,
Thanks! You're in the running for the MP3 player. =)

Of course. Pictures in posts are always better. =D

FireWire said...

I thought you'll be giving The Warung meal vouchers away LOL

Leo said...

Perhaps the coming give away. I'll try to do it more often okay? 500th post a bit special so give away an MP3 player. (^_^)\/

JiAn™ © said...

Was actually just walking through forums and stumbled upon your blog a couple of months ago - reading your blog secretly, without leaving my print. To be honest, you certainly remind me of the feeling of having a passion in cars.

For a reason, left my print here recently (without a link). And now, leaving comment (with a link) here to notify you that I reposted one of your once upon a time post on my blog. Gave credit to 'clippingpoint.blogspot.com' in exchange on that. Hope u're completely fine with that.

Of course I have no intention to take part in this contest, just because I made a post of clippingpoint.
Cheers, mate.

Warmest regards,

Leo said...

JiAn™ ©,
Thank you for the support. (^_^)

Da Devil said...

lolz...so many ppls enter ady huh...
lolz..warung voucher?i oso wan if got,almost everytime go there oso hav brunch,wakaka

keep the blog going...hehe

Joshie said...

Haha since it's the first entry have to be one of the top ones. doubt i'll win though hahaa

Da Devil said...

wakaka...who knws...is random anyway..juz try bah...oh yea..here is my entry


Leona Chin said...

Leona says ha ha!! :D

Prince said...

Here mine XD


and Happy new Years:)

Leo said...

Thank you for the support guys! So far only 7 entries so don't keep your hopes down. (^_^)\/ I might throw in a couple of bonus prizes for participants who didn't get the MP3 player. (-_^)

Rosso said...

Snapshot of mine..


Great blog. I check em out daily..


kev said...

there u go clipem, happy new year to you. it be nice if i could win something in 2010 of course


here u are

Leo said...

Thank you for your entry and thank you for your support!

Thank you for the entry kev. Happy New Year to you. Fingers crossed!

zenlim said...

Leo this is a snapshot of mine while promoting ur blog in FB. Thanks.

The links:


ikus said...

Bonus prizes? WOW!!! I mean gr8

Leo said...

Thank you for your entry!

*laughs* Yup yup.

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