Tuesday, December 29, 2009

FD2 Civic Type-R, Rest in Peace...

UPDATE : According to safetyofficer0000, it is a genuine Type R. To be honest, it really doesn't matter to me because I am just relaying the information that was given to me. I am not implying it is or isn't. I do not know the victims nor have I seen or met them.

UPDATE : Just got an SMS from a Steven Kok. He says that it's not a Type R but a 1.8 Civic. It happened on their way to paintball session. This is confirmed by Wayne Kok who is a friend of the victims of the accident. Wayne said ;
"He is not the driver... He putih putih die one... Sit at rear passenger seat.... The driver not very close to him one somemore.... He died the driver like nothing... Its actually the driver fault cause the tyre botak d... Anyway its just a civic Tyre R wannabe.... Not real Tyre R... See the rotor u will understand... 3rd car totaled by the same sohai driver"
This is very sad to hear.

junl00ng shared a link to this forum with all of us... I don't read Mandarin though. Condolences goes out to the family of the person who lost his/her life.

Drive safe people. It's really not worth it.

Where it happened.


Rest in peace mate.

Source : Cari.com.my Forum
Credits : junl00ng

UPDATE : This was shared to me by Nick Tan.

Kemalangan ini berlaku kira-kira jam 11-30 pagi di km 4-2 Penchala Link, Lebuhraya Sprint selepas terowong Penchala arah Petaling Jaya.

Kereta ini dinaiki oleh 4 sahabat. - dalam perjalanan menuju One-Utama di Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya untuk bermain paint-ball.

Ia kemudian berpusing dan merempuh pula tiang papantanda lebuhraya sebelum tersadai di atas besi pembahagi lebuhraya.

Akibatnya, mangsa, Hon Kok Hin, 29 tahun yang duduk di tempat duduk belakang, maut di tempat kejadian akibat cedera parah di kepala.Salah seorang rakannya yang datang sebaik dimaklumkan mengenaikemalangan ini, memberitahu bahawa Hon telah memeluk agama Islamsebelum ini dan telah berkahwin.

This from the ZeroToHundred.com forums by csl.


azmir1 said...

If the report that he just converted to Islam is true, than his death is not in vain. We believe that a convert's slate is wiped clean, i.e., he is as pure as a newborn, no sins.

To die with no sins can only mean one thing - Heaven.

My condolences to the family of the deceased. May Allah keep him in good company.

TitanRev said...

I saw this car before the accident. At 1st also thought it was a Type-R but when he went over some yellow line then I thought something is not right as the car is not as bumpy as the real Type-R. RIP.

Nikel Khor said...

pandai act modify car nia..

here me at Nikel Khor

safetyofficer0000 said...
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safetyofficer0000 said...

The car is a real Type R, I personally know the car, Pls dont just judge from what you see.

Leo said...

Doesn't really matter if it's a real Type R or not because I don't know those involved nor have I seen the car myself. All the news and stories I've been getting are not from my personal experiences. I am merely sharing what has been relayed to me to everyone. If it isn't, it's ok, if it is, it's also ok. *laughs*

hamzah said...


Wah really nice name la. hahahahaha

Edward Chew said...

Saw this on my way to The Curve. Was shocked to see so many polices coming out from tunnel, thought got road block.
Was preparing to shoot on my way back but the car was removed already.
May he RIP.

Qemma said...

malang tidak berbau..drive carefully yaa..

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