Friday, October 23, 2009

Jeff's new (#TV2) Bayside Blue BNR34

Not too long ago, I discovered a blog freakishly similar to mine called 'Liberty Point', difference being it was to be based on the Subaru S204 he was getting soon.

It's author, Jeff, was probably inspired by mine (obviously, I mean 'Liberty Point'?). I've just realized today, he has now gotten a (#TV2) Bayside Blue BNR34 instead. Congratulations mate. Hope to meet up sometime soon to check out your ride in the flesh.

Here are a couple of shots I borrowed from his blog now entitled 'Liberty Expansion'.

p.s. There can be only one 'the Clipping point' Jeff! (just teasing) *laughs*


Razlan Radzi said...

His car looks EXACTLY like my R34 when I first bought it. From the rims to the wing LOL

Victor Eian said...

Bayside blue.. dayuumm !

hamzah said...

Mind if i ask you,

But why are u trying so hard to emphasise that this JEFF guy had copied your blog and also be "inspired" by you?

Did he say that he was inspired or did it just come out from your own mouth?

So what if he named his blog "liberty point" ?

Yours is "clipping point"

He didnt name his blog "clipping point" didnt he?


Leo said...

It was just my opinion. No pun intended. I have been following his blog from the beginning and I have my reasons for my assessments but then again, I may be over analytical. Also, I used 'probably inspired' which is meant to suggest, not to imply.
Truth of the matter is, everyone is free to their own thoughts and views and that includes
me. After all, this is my blog, hence it is 'my' standpoints or perspectives. =)

hamzah said...

Okay :)

I was just trying to give my opinion at the statement that you wrote :)

Because if i was in that Jeff guy's shoes, and i read your blog,i would not be too happy reading what you said.

It sounds like you are complementing about his car, but at the same time, downgrading him because he "might" have copied your blog.

You might want to tone it down a little because i found it a little too discourteous.

I dont know jeff but i feel that way.

So how do u think Jeff will feel?

That we both dont know.

But that is up to you right, your life, your blog.

Im just giving you my opinion.

Thanks and no hard feelings okay :)

Razlan Radzi said...


Leo said...


I appreciate your opinion.

You're already somewhat putting yourself in his shoes because you are emotionally affected by what I said. =]

You used 'it sounds like', which is still to suggest, not to imply. So it is still a fact that I made a suggestion, not an implication. Your assessment of what I said (complimenting his car but downgrading him) is just your interpretation. I never said he 'copied' anything nor did I say anything to put him down.
All I said was I discovered a blog freakishly similar to mine (much like the thousands of other blogs out there) and Jeff was probably inspired to start one of his own (seeing how he had been visiting this one first before starting his own, but still not implying it did, hence the word probably).
On top of that, like I said, I have my reasons for my standpoints and views. =D

I don't see how that post I put up is discourteous because I never criticized or condemned anyone. If you find it offensive and if I were you, I'd start my own blog and write content in a style that I see fit. That way, I can regulate and moderate it's content, style and feel without telling anyone else when and what to do. The blog would be wholly mine. =)

I don't know Jeff either. I'm touched you feel that way.

I don't know how Jeff would feel because I don't know him.

Yes, I agree with you we both wouldn't know how Jeff would feel seeing as we both don't know him.

Yes, I agree with you seeing that it is up to me as it is my life and my blog.

Once again, I appreciate and respect your opinion.

You're most welcome and none taken.


Razlan Radzi,
Heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh. =P

hamzah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hamzah said...


Chill chill bro, u dont need to be "touched"

You are starting to creep me out man


No hard feelings!

Victor Eian said...

easy la dude..

hamzah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Prince said...

*haha* looks like your blog quite poisoning , firstly I was thought he will getting S204 but finally he has gotten a BNR34 instead. Wor.... how strong your poison XD.

Leo said...

Cool, cool. Don't worry, I don't swing that way. I won't touch touch you. *laughs*

Again, none taken!


Victor Eian,
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy? *laughs*

I think they poison themselves! *laughs* I just provided the tools to do so. A friend, Joe Yap has also just gotten a Bayside Blue BNR34 after going for a midnight run with Bryan, Fariz and company! *laughs*

Razlan Radzi said...

BNR34s are rubbish lah. Overrated.

Should have bought that S204.

But what do I know? I'm not me. If I were myself and I were able to put myself in my own shoes, then I might have an idea of how I feel. But then again, that's just me.

Jeff said...

Easy man~ To be honest, I don't have any hard feeling at the moment because i knew Leo is just teasing me. Hehehe:-) Erm... about the tittle, ya... i have to admit it is quite similar(even my brother said that.....) LOL~
Thanks for hamzah :-) and happy weekend to all~

Leo said...

Razlan Radzi,
AhaAHhahahHAahha! =P What the hell! That was hilarious!

Yes! I was just teasing! Cheers!

Victor Eian said...

Jeff did the right things on choosing BNR over GDB S204...

as Leo said, 4 pot are for small boys... hahahahaha j/k :P

Razlan Radzi said...

Leo - I now make about as much sense as hamzah LOL

Jeff said...

If let me choose again, i still go for GTR, hehehe, this car is everyone's dream car. Due to last time my parent not allow me to own a 2D car, thus i choose S204(which is my 4D dream car). Unfortunately S204 fail to get out from custom(Thanks god!), my parent forced to allow me to go for 2D car. Hahaha:-)
Anyway, both is excellent car to me, s204 more nimble; GTR have very high potential. ^_^

hamzah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J said...


i honestly think that your too smart for your own good. What he means is his parents would prefer if he have gotten a 4 door car rather then a 2 door and also, does it really matter where does the money come from?

OC4/3 Brian said...

@jeff,since you spend your own money,you can pretty much get any car you want,no???
And good choice on GTR but i would say GTR V Spec II or S204 STI both will hold value kinda well and become highly sought after to an extend like EVO VI TME but won't be like Ferrari 250 lar

Razlan Radzi said...

Hahahah can delete ah?

azmir1 said...

jeff...i wanna a ride in your car for posterity sake. i have a gtr fetish...i need to take pics of ur car too.


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