Monday, October 26, 2009

The one with the Sunday Morning shoot

Had a little photography thing yesterday morning with a couple of friends. I stayed in on Saturday night hoping to get enough sleep for the early morning but I still ended up watching DVD's till the wee hours. I was sleepy as heck during the shoot.

Aaron Lee, Irwan Azhari, Muhammad Saufi, Royston Wong, Kevin, Bryan Chin and I met up at Pelita, Hartamas for some breakfast before heading out to take some pictures. Fadzal came to join us later in his Volkswagen Golf GTI.

I'll slowly update this post with pictures as there are too many to go through right now. Here are some of what I took that Sunday morning. I didn't take many as I knew I should leave it up to the more experienced shooters to snap fantastic shots.

Aaron's Scooby Doo and Saufi's X.

Bryan's Garfield.

Fadzal's GTI.

Here are a couple from Bryan.

See the rest of Bryan's shots at 'Sunday Morning Shoot..' on


Razlan Radzi said...

What's the Mitsu packing? Anything interesting?

azmir1 said...

i want to test passenger the car.. :)

msm said...

razlan.. the X is still stock to the bone.. :P

3R1C said...

Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi... where's Honda & Mazda? Hahahah...

Razlan Radzi said...

3R1C - By the time the Honda arrived everyone had gone home already

3R1C said...

LoL. meaning the honda was slow?

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