Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tetsuhiro Oka's BNR34

Remember the two You Tube clips I used in my 'Mine's Sweet Symphony' blog entry. The one's of the HKS 2.8 liter, step 2 kit? Well, I have been corresponding with the owner through emails and he turns out to be a pretty friendly person. He has introduced my car in his blog under the 'アメリカ(マレーシア)流GT-Rカスタムと気になるパーツ' entry and it's about time I introduced his on mine.

The car belongs to Tetsuhiro Oka from the land of the rising sun. He's 31 years old and hails from Okayama city in Japan. Check out his beautiful (#TV2) Bayside Blue BNR34.

Tetsuhiro's BNR34 dons a Nismo Front Bumper, Nismo Side Skirts, Nismo Rear Under Spoiler (I am assuming this the the rear diffuser), Nismo Fender Cover (The small arches), Nismo Dry Carbon Rear Spoiler Flap and Nismo GT500 LED Tail Lights.

His interior has had Robson Leather work their magic all over them. Superior Auto Creative carbon fiber products adds the finishing touches and carbon fiber details to his cabin.

Nismo Titanium GT500 Shift Knob surrounded by a lovely Carbon Console.

Nismo MFD Display wrapped in Carbon.

Robson Leather has beautifully transformed his interior.

The car sits on PRC Suspensions which are, according to Tetsuhiro, a special order item and 18 inch x 10jj +15 Advan Racing RS wheels. Behind the wheels are Brembo F50 Calipers with 355mm two piece rotors in the front and Brembo 360 Calipers with 340mm two piece rotors in the back. Endless CCA brake pads are used both in the front and back.

Inside the engine bay sits a RB26 that has had a HKS 2.8 liter kit step II fitted. The bore and stroke are respectively 87mm x 77.7mm which equates to 2778cc. In other words, 2.8 liters! The RB26 no longer uses the standard 05U block but the 24U N1 block which is better in handling the higher power output. N1 water and oil pumps have been used too. Fueling this beauty is a Bosh in tank fuel pump which sends fuel to a Nismo Fuel Pressure Regulator and to six 720cc injectors. Fuel and Ignition are mapped through a HKS F-Con V Pro.
The higher displacement helps spins the twin Apex'i AX53B60 racing turbines much quicker and a GReddy Profect B- Spec II boost controller helps keep the boost levels in check. Twin HKS Super SQV's are used to prevent compressor surge. HKS Type-R Intercooler and HKS Intercooler pipings cool and direct all the air and pressure to the engine.
A HKS Type-S oil cooler is used to keep oil temperatures down and can be spotted behind the bumper of the passenger side of the car. A 55mm ARC all aluminum, side flow radiator and air removal tank (bubble tank) keeps the water flowing through the engine cool and prevents air pockets from forming through the system.

Of course, the reason why I found this car on You Tube was because of the lovely sound it makes through its Mine's Stainless Steel Front Pipe to a Sard Sport Catalyst and then to a full Mine's Silence VX Pro Titan II Catback Exhaust.

After reading my 'Carbon Garnish for the meter cluster installed' entry, Tetsuhiro san decided he would like to do the same to his Nismo Meter Cluster (combination meter).

All of this makes 657.8 hp at 6828 rpm on 1.4 bar of boost and 75.2 kgm of torque at 5522 rpm.

Tetsuhiro Oka's blog can be viewed here.


TETSU said...

Thank you very much.
I'm inspired that you typed many informations of my car^^

I like this introduction!

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