Thursday, June 14, 2012

iPhone 4s Stormtrooper'fied!

I've been putting this off for the longest time since the iPhone 4s is still under warranty but I've finally bit the bullet and just went ahead with it!

I got a glossy black middle plate for the 4s not too long ago. I wanted a matte black one but I couldn't find it.

I was tempted to try doing it myself but then I thought, better not risk it. *laughs*

Anyhow, initially I asked Eric Soong of
HausofBiB but he hasn't tried disassembling a 4s and didn't really want risk bricking my phone.

Then I remembered my buddy's cousin who owns iPhoneFix. They did my black to white conversion on my previous iPhone 4 (The white iPhone 4).

Check out the results...

I really like this mid plate kit as it came with the black power, volume and mute buttons, black sim tray and black screws.

I thought I could reuse the spare black connector port and black home button but the one's I have were for the 4 and not 4s. I guess it still looks fine in white...

Also took the liberty of installing iOS6 beta on it. ^_^

The new maps to take on Google.

Passbook, Apple's answer to Google Wallet.

Haven't really tried out the Do Not Disturb feature. When activated, push notifications will be automatically muted and the screen won't light up. A whitelist option will be available so you won't miss important callers; you can also set up the feature so that if a person calls you more than once, the phone will allow the call to come through. Cool huh.

The turn by turn GPS on their new maps is also interesting. Not the best but at least it works.


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