Thursday, June 14, 2012

In your 'screen' Galaxy S3!

So everyone has been talking and raving about the Samsung Galaxy S3. How they've done it again, putting their device on top of the Android food chain. The big daddy, the 'Crème de la Crème'.

It doesn't help that I have the HTC One X, the one they all say should have been, or was, the best Android device for like 2 seconds before the S3 came along...

Even my neighbour, Michelle Ooi aka 'The-Kins' got one for herself!

She went for the official launch. Wore a blue dress sponsored by Double-Woot, you know, to show some support, which ironically made it look like she was one of the girls working there! *laughs*

Well, I have to admit, it's a fantastic device. It does edge out in front of the HTC One X, but I wouldn't say by a huge margin. Nevertheless, yes, it's still ahead.

So yes, continue to gloat and crow at the idiot who bought the One X...

Until I came across this on Facebook!

Paul Chin writes...
'Dear new Galaxy S3 users, take care of your screens. A slight drop on the floor ended with a cracked screen.'

He goes on to briefly explain that there is also a the fine crack across the screen that we don't see in the picture and that the phone was dropped from above ankle level face down.

'After 2.5 hours & RM360 (Originally at RM539) for the screen replacement, everything is up & running again. So much for gorilla glass but it is still a very nice & fast phone to use.'

OUCH! Not something any new device owner would want happening! Sorry to see this happen Paul Chin.

Then It struck me. There was a video that Jason Chan aka Walauwei, showed me when he was trying to 'racun' me to get the One X...

This was how HTC was showing off the durability of their uni-body and Gorilla Glass at the regional launch in Singapore...

Hahaha! I don't feel so bad now! Sorry S3 owners, but this small triumph goes to the HTC One X!


missyblurkit said...

I am glad I bought the HTC One X. Dropped it recently at Sepang and mwahaha the babe is still perfect!

moon* said...

lol check out the hammer test.

Wa.Lau.Wei said...


Nice post bro!

Overall, the One X build is better and much more refined. There is no need of a physical button like how the S3 mimics the iPhone 4s.

The One X is totally screen and buttonless... making it look awesomely sweet!

That polycarbonate body is just so lightweight and nice to hold and feel...

I love my One X as much as I love my iPhone 4s!



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