Tuesday, May 8, 2012


All because of Jason Chan... *laughs*
Brought me to the Pavilion during their concourse promo to pick one up. Convinced me to pick one up myself.

He brought his Porsche Design BlackBerry along. Silly thing is USD2,000.

Marilyn tagged along too. He tried to convince her to get one too but it didn't work.

By the way, she rides in a nice red kitted A4. Drives very fast too!

Ahem, back to the HTC One X. Got a shell for it to complete a 'Stormtrooper' theme!

Are you sure?

It really dwarfs the iPhone. The 4.7 inch screen is gorgeous.

Because it was a concourse promotion, the first 300 customers got a free Beats headphones worth a couple hundred. Not too shabby!

Overall impressions have been good. It's a fantastic device. However, I've grown pretty attached to many apps on the iOS, one of them being Instagram.

A couple of days later, Instagram finally releases an Android version. Took them a year and a half! Unfortunately, despite having the HTC One X on their landing site, the camera wasn't working!

It didn't take them long to get it working though. Still, Instagram wasn't really complete. It didn't have the tilt shift feature like the one on iOS.

So, why didn't I wait for the Samsung Galaxy S3? Well, Samsung has been notorious for slow releases of the Android OS updates for their devices. HTC on the other hand isn't as bad. They have even released an update already...


Andy 4ever said...

Bro Leonard, how much did u paid for the HTC One X? I'm considering to get myself an Android device to try it out after got too used with my iPhone.

Leonard Foong said...

Andy, it was RM2,000, but this was during the concourse promo at Pavilion. You can talk to my friend Jason Chan who works in Brightstar. He can hook you up...

Unknown said...

Bro, i'm considering to buy this phone. How do you find the phone so far? Any problems?

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