Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gran Turismo night at Maison

Got a text from Bryan Chin on Thursday night asking me if I wanted to participate...

Come Friday night, we gathered at Italian Tomato (Formerly known as Gaja) before we made our way to Maison. I didn't know the place still existed. I thought it would have died by now... *laughs*

Some shots from Jason Chan.

Wait for more shots from Bryan Chin... He brought his DSLR out. ^_^

But I was right... The place was dead. Even at 12am on a Friday night. Honestly, we were the only ones there!

So we decided to bounce at 12.20am. The GT-R boys wanted to go some place more exciting. I dropped Ken Ji a message to see if he was at his place, Neverland.

Got there in time for Dj Roxy June.

She's cute isn't she...

Here's a clip Jason Chan took...

Later that night, towards the end, Tania said she'd pop by. It was already closing time so I don't know why she still wanted to come. She appeared with Andrew Yip and his friend.
Now, usually I don't say much but Andrew Yips friend was making a fuss because he couldn't go in. Why? He was wearing shorts and slippers, on top of that, I mentioned it was already closing time right?
Not only was there a fuss, names were thrown too. He kept saying he knows Ken Ji, the owner. I over heard this and decided to bring Ken Ji to the door. Turns out he does know Ken Ji, but "Go home..." were the only words I heard after that.

Some people have no fucking tact at all. I mean, you go over to a persons joint. You come in shorts and slippers. Then you make a fuss? A bit no respect at all right?

The other day, I heard about this C grade celebrity wanting to go into Vertigo in shorts and slippers too, Mr. AT. Now, Mr. AT made a big fuss outside the door. Proceeded to put down the bouncer, telling him his paycheck comes from the money Mr. AT spends there so technically, he is paying the bouncers salary.
I mean, come on la... You are already looking to get in, in my mind, that is a favor from the bouncer. What makes you think he's going to give you that favor if you belittle him?


Anyway, the night wasn't a total waste. *laughs*

Heading home...


Wa.Lau.Wei said...

Whoa! Didn't know about the last part bro! You got your point man... Totally disrespect. :P

Leonard Foong said...

Bugger, you left already mah. So early! *laughs*

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