Monday, November 21, 2011

Project "Kermit": Breathe with me...

So, I've gotten somewhat of a Union Jack done on the roof...

This was done by Remus Chang at Motorsport Playground.

Still thinking whether to get the bonnet stripes done or not.

The Koni FSD's were way too soft for our roads. I did not feel comfortable with them. Eventually, I decided to give them up and go back to the stock dampers with some Tein H-Tech springs. Picked them up from Exotic Mods. These springs drop the car's height about half an inch. It doesn't seem much but when the springs settle, it looks pretty low. I now occasionally scrape bumps that are too high or dips that are too steep. Looks good though...

I've also went ahead and installed a CAI (Cold Air Intake). Got a nice Pipercross Viper Carbon Induction Kit and Alta Silicone intake hose. Can't say I feel much difference in terms of power, but there is a nice deep suction sound now when you floor it. The super charger whine is more distinct now too! Never fails to put a smile on my face.

Now, the easiest way to get some more power, is to of course, up the boost! With the R53 Mini Cooper S, the way to do it is to reduce the size of your super charger pulley. Most people go for this, the ALTA V2.0 Supercharger Pulley with 15% reduction. Can't wait to get it fitted.

I'm also waiting to get this header I picked up from Eurotuner installed. This should help with "breathing".

I might pick up a Works Engineering lightened crank pulley too to help with response too. Till the next update!


shermand said...

bro, heard thats lightened crank pulley helps on response but lose up on top speed is it true?

Leo said...

To my knowledge, lightened crank pulley should not affect your top speed. A lightened crank pulley just lowers rotational mass, which helps with response. ^_^ The only side effect I see from this is that your revs will drop a lot quicker too since there is less mass to continue momentum. Much like lightening your flywheel, which adheres to the same principal of reducing rotational mass.

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