Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Project "Kermit", cosmetic upgrades done!

"Kermit" is back!

The front daytime running lights have been fitted and they are looking pretty good. They aren't bright during the day though. Took the liberty of changing the signal light bulbs from the very orange bulbs to these chrome ones as well. They still light up orange.

The passenger side headlight has been touched up and the 'Joey' mod is looking excellent!

The LED tail lights are quite a sight. They really give the car a very 'refreshed' look. Also, I noticed that the 'S' on the 'Cooper S' badge wasn't stuck on properly so I corrected it.

The original JCW lower grill arrived too. Looks a lot better with it instead of the cheap looking 'chicken mesh' grill.

Now it's time to add a couple of decals! Shall I put the signature mini cooper stripes on the bonnet? Thinking of putting the outline of the black jack on the roof to match the signal lamps I have. What do you think?


Isyraq said...

just do what u think best dude...
but honestly...
ur cooper is awesome!

Andy 4ever said...

Hey bro, your Cooper S sure looks wicked & nice especially with what u have done to it up to now. Btw, I heard from Sherman whereby the colour on your Kermit is the same as the Lambo Gallardo original body paint eh?

Leo said...

Yea, but I don't mind getting opinions too. ^_^
Thank you! Glad you think so!

Andy 4ever,
Thanks Andy! Yea, it's the Lamborghini Verde Ithaca. ^_^

Andy 4ever said...

U are welcome bro & well done again! So when can I have a ride in your Kermit? Is it only for nice chicks eh? :P

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