Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Project "Kermit", a little more...

A couple of updates...

The head lights have been fitted back in and they are looking good!

The lower grill has had the insides painted black as well as the fog light surrounds on the bumper.

Check out the carbon surrounds! Here's what it looks like off...

Lights on!

The only problem is, the passenger side didn't get coated evenly with the special chemical that allows the chrome to be painted on. Will sort that out soon.

The tail lights have had the chrome blacked out too!

Here's a cute accessory. My Go-Badge arrived. I got the one that looks like a power button.

Fit's on the front grill.

Now "Kermit" has a power button up front. *laughs*

The door handles have been blacked out.

Then fitted the carbon fiber cover over it. Looks pretty good I must say.

It's almost done, but not quite!

Cooper S badge has been blacked out too.

The bottom grill area on the rear bumper has been blacked out too...


Isyraq said...

wow... awesome... what about engines? stage 1 maybe??? btw: i just love ur "Go-Badge" ... i need get those for my mini...

Leo said...

Yea, right now it's still bone stock. I won't go to crazy on the power mods. Probably just stage 1 stuff as I still will be using this as a daily driver. Most likely will go for a cold air intake, extractor down pipe and exhaust. Maybe no exhaust even, just do a 'one ball' mod. Thinking of going for the pulleys, coil pack, ignition cables and spark plug upgrades as well.
Was also thinking of some strut bars, under carriage bars and anti-roll bars to tighten handling.

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