Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Death of another F40

Last week there was news of a Ferrari F40 that crashed in Houston.

This week, it is said that it was the result of a mechanic's spin that went horribly wrong.

It's really sad to see another fine machine biting the dust. On top of that, it wasn't event the owners mistake. If I was in his shoes, I would be utterly devastated.

We all know that a similar incident happened here in Malaysia in 2001, where a mechanic took an F40 out for a spin for a test run and crashed it.

It was so bad, the impact of the driver actually bent the steering wheels. If I'm not mistaken, he ended up in a coma.

Source Jalopnik and Nazri Pandak.


jf4640 said...

Only send to responsible mechanics.

anson89 said...

Sadly, this one happened right outside my house when a client of mine texted me and I immediately went straight to the scene to see if this car is still "savable"..

P/S: We've exchanged a few messages on NAGTROC

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