Friday, August 19, 2011

Project "Kermit", little bits...

The Mini badges have been sprayed black! Unfortunately, because they were old, they cracked! 0_0'

I've got some spares lying around but they have the 'Carbon Fiber' look. I might sand these down and spray them black to replace the worn out ones.

The head light surround has been color coded black, including the round HID projector surround.

Usually, when Mini owners want to black out the chrome beltline (the chrome strip that runs around the car right where the windows transition into the body panels), they use a vinyl sticker method. There are kits sold out there which offers a black film that covers the stock chrome trim. The problem with this is that with frequent amount of car washes added on top of our weather situation, they might peel off. So instead, I just painted the whole beltline. =P

Also swapped out the old worn out key shell with the new one...


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