Monday, August 15, 2011

Project "Kermit", almost done...

Quick updates on Project "Kermit"...

So far it's coming along pretty well.

Door handles, the badges will have to be blacked out as well. I was supposed to fit the carbon fiber door handles, gas cap and head light surrounds but right now, looks like many of the parts do not fit well so I am not taking the risk. Might as well black everything out first and see what fits over it later.

The Cooper S grills have been blacked out too, leaving the S chrome to stand out. Will be getting some black out side signals and LED's to compliment it.

The BBS RK's have been blacked out too. I've taken the liberty of getting the calipers done in red.

The new face lifted head lights have been blacked out too. They call this the "Joey Mod". I want to black out the round bit surrounding the projector ballast at the top as well. What do you think?

The tail lights are face lifted items as well. Some re-wiring needed to be done as the reverse lights are now built into these. The fog light will now be relocated to the bumper. These are LED items as well. Will have to black out that chrome surrounding bit too...

Got the blacked out third brake light fitted. It's a full LED bit too.

It's really, really bright!

The whole rear really lights up now! Wait till I install the fog light in the bumper. Perhaps I can try to custome an LED one as well? We shall see...

Still some work to be done, but it's turning out quite nicely I must say.

Any other suggestions? ^_^


nicwan8 said...

A nice tow hook (tongue kind) on the front (coming out of the lower grill) will be nice

Carbon antenna
Carbon side mirror
Chequered flag racing stripes on bonnet and doors

missyblurkit said...


can't wait for her to be on the streets!

Leo said...

Was thinking about a tow hook too. Perhaps later, I was worried it might ruin the clean look it's got going right now.

Carbon antenna? You mean the base?

The side mirrors right now have a carbon "look" right now. I do have another set which is actual carbon fiber, but just a layer. The JCW ones pricey.

As for the chequered flag racing stripes on bonnet and doors, I might consider. Still trying to keep the clean look. I am getting a set of Black Jack style LED side signals so maybe I will replicate it on the roof. They look like this...

I can't wait too! *laughs*

nicwan8 said...

Carbon antenna - base on the screw on stick

The LED side signal looks awesome! one of a kind.

I personally think the red caliper doesn't suit the green body colour. Gold caliper might look better. Each to it's own taste.

My friend's old Hamann Mini had a different front kit. It has a bigger "mouth". He mesh it up and installed coloured euro horn. Not sure if will look good on yours.

Keep up the good work

Leo said...

Oh, the carbon antenna base. I wanted to get one but thought, who the heck is going to notice something that small up there. *laughS*

I went with red calipers because they stood out, against the black rims and overall green of the car. Red and green are opposites on the color spectrum so it would pop against each other. Gold would have been too bland for me as the gold and the green tones would have been too similar.

I see. Doesn't the Mini get BMW style horns already? What kind of Euro horns? You mean horns that are color coded. Like red?


nicwan8 said...

Hi Leo,

Yep, colour coded euro horns (shell shaped).

My friend's mini was gun metal. He painted it red with red tow hook.

Leo said...

Ahh, cool. Will look for those soon. I was actually thinking of spraying the Mini a gun metal color but then I thought, "Hey, it's a Mini... It should be bright and fun!". *laughS* I'm still not sure about the tow hook. It'll make it too 'racer' for me. Will decide later. ^_^

By the way, what are the places around to shop for parts for the MCS?

nicwan8 said...

Hi Leo,

I wished I could help you. AFAIK, my friend ordered everything from Hamann and a local JCW part dealer here. Pricey!

Leo said...

Ahh, thanks anyway nicwan8.

Yeah man. JCW parts are pricey!

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