Monday, November 15, 2010

The LP 570-4 Superleggera

Nah, I'm not replacing her, at least not yet. nick on the cbox chat is right, it will take something really special for me to replace her with and it doesn't look to be anytime soon. It's got to be extraordinary. But if the Nur were to be replaced by something, it would have to be something special...

Like this Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera...

(Will find the time to shoot that DBS too!)

It's donning the 'StormTrooper' look too, black on white! What "Superleggera" basically means is "Super light" in Italian.

Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera is the lightest car available from the company, weighing in at 1340kg. This is achieved by the use of aluminum, polycarbonate and carbon fiber throughout the car, maintaining minimal weight and extremely high rigidity.

Those are massive 8 pot calipers coupled with 365mm discs. This one didn't come with the optional 380mm carbon ceremic discs. All of this sits behind 19-inch rims that are aluminum forged and are therefore extremely lightweight. This saves 13kgs! Even the wheel bolts are made out of titanium!

Carbon fiber rear diffuser is gorgeous...

Side mirrors are also carbon fiber.

Superleggera... topped with the italian tricolor to signify it's heritage.

The engine cover is made out of a polycarbonate window, beneath which the V10 engine is displayed like a technical work of art. That whole rear piece, including the rear wing, is made out of dry carbon fiber. It was so, so light! you could use your pinky to lift it up!

The dry carbon rear wing. Check out the reverse camera built in to the rear wing!

Blacked out exhaust tips! The standard exhaust is still a little quiet for my liking. I would definitely replace these with some titanium options. We all want to see that blue tinge!

The LP in 'LP 570-4 stands for “longitudinale posteriore” and refers to the orientation of the engine. The 570 refers to the maximum power output in CV of this V10 5.2L engine.

As I have mentioned earlier, the whole rear trunk/bonnet is made out of dry carbon and it's really super light. Check out the quality of the weave! Seamless!

Spaghetti olio? *laughs*

The interior is covered with high quality alcantara as well as more carbon fiber.

Check out the door sills man. Carbon fiber all the way and it's not the cheap wet carbon stuff too. Dry carbon!

Bucket seats are a must!

Whew! Now that we're done with the pictures, here are a couple of clips...

Quick start up...

Short acceleration from the lights...

Small tunnel...

Penchala Link tunnel...

It's a beautiful monster. What more could you ask for... All wheel drive, carbon fiber everywhere, super light, enough power. It's light weight can really be felt from acceleration. It twitches despite the all wheel drive because it's so light! I really had fun despite being tired as heck, rushing from Brotzeit after closing in the wee hours of the morning. I'm glad that Bryan Chin managed to tag along too as I haven't been catching up with him these past couple of weeks now due to a packed schedule. I'm sure he has some more excellent shots and clips so stay tuned for his post on!

I've put 5 links to pictures that are 1620 x 1080 which can be used as wallpapers. Download them below or find the links on the right!

LP 570-4 (1)
LP 570-4 (2)
LP 570-4 (3)
LP 570-4 (4)
LP 570-4 (5)


3R1C said...

gosh the center panel is such a beauty!

admin said...

So,you guys tested out the customer car prior to sell to them?? Now i'm that all imported super/high performance car has been 'lenjan' by salesman prior to handover to customer.... Yup,i know it's maybe your very own autoshop but still...u're going to sell them.

rosso said...

So,who's the customer? Very rich lor.

Leo said...

Know your facts and who you're referring to before you make remarks that appear to come out of your behind. I doubt any salesman can freely take cars out in the middle of the night. Besides, the car wasn't being floored, neither was it being pushed. It's barely what the car is capable of, ringing through mostly the first 3 gears and applying half to 3/4 of throttle. My advice is you refrain from making comments that will further suggest you are speaking out of envy. Negative opinions are best kept to oneself rather than expressing them to show the insecurities and jealousy occurring in you for everyone to see.

Yes, the customer is a very influential person. ;)

Farhan said...

Are you selling this lambo cheaper than Lamborghini KL? if yes, how much? and do you have Murci SV in stock, because i'm interested of buying that car. I know the production has end, but my friend told me there're about 3-4 units available in Malaysia. Can you please give me your number. I'm a serious buyer.

Leo said...

Hello Farhan,
Well, it really depends. This LP570-4 Superleggera is probably going for 1.5mil. I don't know how much Lamborghini Malaysia is selling it for. I do not have any SV's with me right now but if you are interested, it can be arranged. I cannot tell you the price yet as we have to source the cars first. If you are seriously interested, please come over to ;

Zaibi Motor Sdn Bhd
Lot 61 Jalan Maarof Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur 59000, Wilayah Persekutuan

Thanks. ^_^

Farhan said...

oh la, Zaibi Motor ke? i've been there last month. I met your friend/sales mate Ahmad. Okay thanks, i'll call him when i'm free.

Leo said...

My staff Ahmad? Cool. If he cannot sort you out, please ask him for my contact. He should be able to give it to you. Otherwise just go straight to look for my dad, Joe Foong.

Farhan said...

okay thanks bro. I'm trying to get my loan. I'll come by if my loan aprrove.

admin said...

Leo. I'm not even said that you're a salesman. I know you(or your relatives) own the showroom but heck,it's still customer car lor.... Not yours... It's juz like...You own an underwear try it first,then you sell to the customer..the underwear wasn't being tore, neither was it being pulled apart. It's barely what the underwear is capable of..Yup,literally the underwear is yours..but..YOU'RE GOING TO SELL IT TO CUSTOMER! get it or not...

Leo said...

Nice analogy, comparing a Lamborghini LP 570-4 Superleggera to a piece of underwear. Mind you this is a reconditioned car showroom (grey import) which means all the cars have been pre-owned (used). So forgive my ignorance if I do not see how your 'underwear' analogy makes any sense. I guess you do not buy grey imports or used cars then. So where do all your old cars go to the junk yard since they have been already 'used'? You must also not share your car with anyone else, and not car pool as well as that would mean 'sharing' like your 'underwear'.

So, before it gets sold or put in the market, who does it belong to? Who owns it? Customer? What customer?

Everyone here knows the passion and love I have for cars and how meticulous I am when it comes to it. I never abuse fine vehicles. You don't know me so please don't speak like you do.

I'm sorry if I feel the need to take the cars out for spins to make sure they are in perfect working condition, or to spend time with the vehicle to notice any imperfections before putting it on the market. I don't want to be selling a car that might have problems after the customer has paid for it and collected it.
If you do not encourage this practice, no one is asking you to patronize my business. However, if you do not know the facts or details, kindly keep your negative remarks to yourself. As I have said before, your negative opinions are best kept to oneself rather than expressing them to show the insecurities, jealousy or envy occurring in you for everyone to see.

"Get it or not..."

Hypoglossal said...


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