Friday, September 17, 2010

How wonderfully interesting our country is...

Check out some of these pictures shot here in our very own Malaysia. *laughs*

Trunk lock not working? Don't worry, just DIY!

I'm confused, Halal or not?

Champion at parking!

Really loves his country.

Ada Susu?

Malaysia's very own 'Bumblebee'?

Don't throw away your old helmets, use them.

How did he balanced that?!

Who wants to press...

Emergency exit?

A: What's the coffee shop name?
B: No Signboard

How can the baby sleep in that?

I can read the papers too...


No where to put that basket?

Even Digi's yellow men need a break sometimes.

Excellent planning between the signboard and traffic lights huh.

Higher education?

Now you're just showing off...

A garage that follows the car where ever it goes.


Even 'kapchais' have wannabe's!

Not enough parking space? Not to worry, park inside the living room.


Better than sitting on a chair.

Tow truck, towing the tow truck, towing the car...

Lot's of Malaysians have good balance huh.

Why sleep inside, when you can sleep outside...

This is why people buy SMART cars.


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