Monday, August 30, 2010

Johnnie Walker: Pit Crew Experience

I got an email from Jason Ong and Hanie Hidayah to participate in the Johnnie Walker Pit Crew Experience and for the Black Lounge Party.

Come Saturday, I met up with Jason Chan and we shot off to Sepang...
I had no idea what the agenda was and I thought I'd be a little late. Turns out I wasn't the only one.

You’ve watched the race from the stands. Maybe got as close as walking in the pit lane. Now, Step Inside the Black Circuit and witness one of the most exclusive events to ever take place at Sepang – the Johnnie Walker® Pit Crew Experience. The participants will train under the Racing 4 Real team, specially brought in from the UK by the partner of Formula 1™ team Vodafone-McLaren Mercedes, Johnnie Walker®. Come to the pit stop and see the pit crew in action. A go-kart challenge and other activities will be lined up for non-pit crew members.

I didn't participate but I got a couple of shots of those who did...

Hung out with Tan Wai Kit and Dan Khoo (, Michael Yip and Chin Ann and after a while, we grabbed a bite to eat, then Hanie arrived.

Michael Yip, Chin Ann, Hanie, Jason Chan, Tan Wai Kit and Dan Khoo. (Picture by Michael Yip)

I felt a little out of place so I didn't hang around too long. I thought I'd go back and rest a little before heading off for the Black Lounge Party.

I ended up taking a couple of quick shots of the 599 in the office instead! *laughs* (Pictures will be up soon.) Rushed home after that to dress up, grab a quick dinner, pick my date up and headed off to Swedish Marque for the Black Lounge Party! It was a blast! I had such a good time. Will put up more of that in another post after I collect some pictures. Didn't bring a camera that night!

Till then!


Wa.Lau.Wei said...

Where are the night pictures? :P

Michael Yip said...

where is pix of the girls? :p

Leo said...

I didn't bring a camera ler... Waiting for people to put up so I can tumpang. =P

Michael Yip,
What girls? *laughs* =P

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