Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Malaysia Skyline Gathering 2010 - The conclusion

Following up from -
'The Malaysia Skyline Gathering 2010 - Getting There',
'The Malaysia Skyline Gathering 2010 - The Arrival',
'The Malaysia Skyline Gathering 2010 - The walk around',
'The Malaysia Skyline Gathering 2010 - The walk around (Part 2)'

There were two CBA-R35's too.

A nice white one...

And this black one with what seems to be a HKS GT600 kit on it!

Bryan goofing around.

A couple more random shots...

Two Toyota's came to join the fun.

This is the money shot! Awesome picture!

Soon after, the sun set and darkness descended upon us. People started to leave and just when you thought everyone was heading off...

Loud bursts and bangs were heard. Fariz and the gang showed up with their straight through exhausts! They were late!

Fariz's new R-Tune bumper. Looking good but he's still missing his lip.

Rahim's red BCNR33 is turning white! *laughs*

Pen Di's highway monster.

Adrian heading off...

We stopped to chat for a little while then headed back to PJ/KL. The drive home was so exhilarating! Fariz, Rahim, Pen Di are all heavy footed blokes so we were really gunning it down the highways! Awesome stuff! We later stopped by TTDI, Rasta for a quick drink before heading home...

A big thanks to Azmir Zainuddin for organizing this great gathering. Check out his 'Blood Red' ER34 sporting a new front bumper! (^_^)

It was a first time organizing such a gathering and I am very thankful the Skyline Community in Malaysia were all very supportive. Without them, this would never have happened. There will be more gatherings to come and it can only get better with more activities and goodies in the future. Thank you everyone!

By the way, have you check out Azmir's blog, 'What have I done?' ? More shots can be found there.
Also, don't forget to visit Bryan's site, AutoJunctions.com for more excellent shots.
Don't forget EuJin's blog, 'EJ's Nissan Skyline GF-ER34 (スカイライン)' too!
A couple more pictures can also be found in the Malaysian Skyline Club Forums.


3R1C said...

The spoiler of the black R35 is looking good!

Azmir said...

A fitting finale... with what seems to be me selling pirated DVDs off the boot of my car. Hahahaha...

Great job Mr. President.

Let's start planning for the next one then.

yasin said...

TTDI.... so it was you guys cruising down the road around 10pm++?? i was watching football and suddenly i heard thunderous sounds from the road LOL... i pretty much guessed it was you guys that saturday.. haha thumbs up!

Leo said...

Yeap. 3 BNR34's and one BCNR33. Went to Rasta for a short while for a drink. (^_^)

Big_Shat said...

this is just so sweet!

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