Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pentroof's BNR34

Was in MPH earlier today and I picked this up.

Hello fellow stormtrooper...

This is Pentroof's BNR34 and it is no slouch. This V-Cam Step 1 Type B, T78-33D equipped R34 has about 680HP that develops at 7200RPM at 1.5bar of boost and 70kg/m of torque at 5800RPM!

Loving the Brembo six-pot mono-block calipers with 380mm two-piece slotted discs. I want!

You can check out their website 'Pentroof'. It's all in japanese though.


ScoobyDoo said...

dude, what is MHP? =p

Leo said...

Whoops. I meant MPH.

Andy 4ever said...

Marvellous GTR34 from Pentroof. I just so into white color rides, especially GTRs.

Leo said...

Andy 4ever,
Yeah man, that is quite a clean BNR34!

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