Monday, May 24, 2010

Largest Automotive Mall in the World

Madness! The Autopia Europia auto mall will be the biggest of its kind in the world, under construction now, is said to have five-stories, in a 708,661-square-foot building and will have room for 200 car galleries, displaying 2526 different kinds of vehicles.

Located in Turkey, Istanbul, 24 banks will be standing by to help you pay for that dream machine, and 56 bars, restaurants and cafes await for you to think over your purchase. On top of that (literary!), there will be a full race track on top to test cars before you drive one home!

'autopia europia' by GAD architecture by in collaboration with dara kirmizitoprak
all images courtesy GAD

turkish GAD (global architectural development) firm in collaboration with dara kirmizitoprak.
designed 'autopia europia', located in istanbul. spanning 216,000 m2, it is the world’s biggest
auto-mall. companies within the complex sell both new and used cars where customers will
have the opportunity to test drive their car on the rooftop track.

the complex consists of:
5 stories (two of which are underground)
56 food & drink shops, cafés & restaurants
48 private car service stations
24 banks
car park with a 900 car capacity.

200 auto-galleries including 443 brands and 2526 types of cars all make up
part of the complex.

approximately 6 million visitors a year are expected to visit.

Source : designboom


ohmywtf said...

oh wow..i will cry a river if i go and yet can not afford any car in

Victor Eian said...

This is madness !!!

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