Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mooky's Formula 1 Ferrari Pit Visit

The Malaysian F1 Grand Prix has passed and I'm sure those who went had plenty of fun.

A very good friend of mine, Mundzir Abdul Latif, also known as 'Mooky' from the band One Buck Short was "BB'ing" pictures of his visit to the F1 pits.

He was a guest in the Ferrari paddocks and looks like he had a blast! Here are a couple of pictures he sent with tags...

Alonso's Nose

Alonso's car semi naked

Alonso's Crew

Alonso's Grandpa

Alonso's Pit

Apa Tuh?!

Apa Tuh 2 ?!

Alonso's Machine Body

Chillin' with Eriuk

Ferrari Chef! He has the Ferrari badge and everything....

Ferrari Girls! Tap that ass!

Funky Chair

Gas tank gots the brand as well

Getting some grub

Going to lunch with Alonso

Going to pit lane

Hamilton's pit

Hang out area paddock

I like girls

Lewis malu2 nak keluar... Siot je. Kimak!

Look at the bling2

Lotus explaining how they would like to succeed this year

Lotus group getting ready

Massa's group getting jiggy

Massa's pit

Oh did u see that? Where did it go?! Damn... Jakun sial aku

Our band tent area sweetass

Party just started at the paddock

She pointing at my ****! She said she likes asian meat. Go figure...

The behind the scene men

The Hamiltons... (Cousins)

This guy likes asian **** too

Time to drink

Tissue pun ada badge Ferrari. Best sial team ni

Tour guide to heaven


Want some wheels?

Warming up Alonso's tires

Warming up Massa's tires


von hou said...

He was a guest of M Scape.
Dude, here's a proposition. You could be invited next year if things go right.
Let's get in touch...
Here's my e-mail

Leo said...

von hou,
Hello there. Ahh, I see. Did he perform? Mooky is a close friend and I was very happy he was so excited to experience the paddocks. Very, very happy for him! (^_^) Could feel the little kid in him enjoying himself. I could be invited? Whoa, thank you so much for the thought. I'll shoot you an email soon to keep in touch.

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