Friday, April 9, 2010

Mighty Muggs!

Stumbled upon a picture Gerald uploaded on to Facebook from his iPhone today of some Mighty Muggs he picked up for a friend. It's the Iron Man and War Machine ones. Had to go pick up a set myself after seeing them! Gerald said I could find them at Toys'R'Us.

After work, I was heading to Mid Valley Megamall for the A-Cut-Above Fashion show so I thought to myself, might as well go pick a set up while I was there. I thought it would be quick stop at Toys'R'Us but I couldn't find them! Searched high and low and finally gave in and asked one of the people there.

Me : Excuse me, do you know where I can find Mighty Muggs?
Sales guy : Ape? Maity Mucks?
Me : (Switches to Melayu Mode) Ye bang, Mighty Muggs. Yang patung patung superhero comel tu. Tau tak?
Sales guy : Ye ke? Tak tau lah...
Me : Alamak... Jaap... (I pull out my phone, got in to Facebook and showed him the picture Gerald took) Ni bang. Pernah nampak tak?
Sales guy : Ohhhh, ituuu... ade ade... Kat situ. Cuba tanya kak di sana.
Me : Okay. Terima kasih!

Turns out, they were just unboxing them and haven't put them up on the shelves yet. What luck! The lady pointed me to the boxes and I picked them out.

Ta Dah!

Iron Man and War Machine Mighty Muggs!

Woo Hoo! *laughs*


Da Devil said...

wow..look cute...where issit located in the toy r us?how much for each?

Stanley Ku said...

That's awesome. I have a small collection myself. I have the other version of Ironman. The one that you have is/was a limited edition one. I don't know if that is the case over there, but it's rare in the U.S.

Chris Yip said...

if im not mistaken they are made entirely out of recycled materials. cool toys yet affordable!

Clayton Narcis said...

How are they retailing for?

Leo said...

Da Devil,

Stanley Ku,
Hey! First let me say you've got an awesome blog. Sad the S2000 had to go. How's the R34 doing?

Over here in Malaysia, we don't see Mighty Muggs around so I was very surprised to find Toys'R'Us carrying them. It's just these two though. Maybe they thought it would be a good idea to bring these in seeing how Iron Man 2 will be out soon. (^_^)

Chris Yip,
Yup! Affordable? Umm, they're only 11USD in the states so we're actually getting the jacked up retail prices here. *laughs* But I guess you could say still pretty affordable.

Clayton Narcis,

Chris Yip said...

oh yeah leo, you can always find them in any metrojaya toys section. they have loads of it, ranging from star wars to captain america and etc etc.

Leo said...

Chris Yip,
Really?! They're available at MetroJaya? I didn't know that. Thanks for the heads up. Will check it out soon. (^_^)

Chris Yip said...

one more place to buy these babies - Brick Brothers in Tropicana City Mall. they got a friggin huge range price ranging from RM49.90. Enjoy your shopping spree heh

Leo said...

Chris Yip,
Cool! Thanks for the heads up! Will try to pop by and have a look when I have the time. (^_^)

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