Friday, March 19, 2010

Purple sheep of the family...


There were officially only 19 Z-tune's made by NISMO. All of them were donned in a special silver color (#KYO) is used for the body and a combination of black and red is used for the interior. Or at least all of them were supposed to be...

I've just recently discovered that there is just one of the 20 Z-tune's made that is donned in the infamous Midnight Purple! How cool is that!

The only official Nismo Z-Tune R34 GT-R in the world produced by Nismo in midnight purple. This car is the rarest of the rare collectors cars.

*This is not a re-creation or an owner built car, this is an official Nismo certified Z-Tune produced by Nismo in Midnight Purple.

Skeptical of how genuine this is? Anyone want to translate? (^_^)

It's the only one in the world officially from Nissan/NISMO!

On top of that, it's for sale! Visit here to find out more. If you need someone to arrange for it to be brought here, I can always assist you. (^_^)

More pictures of the Midnight Purple Z-tune!

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HeNry said...

wow..fantastic..I wonder how much in all it will cost to bring it into Malaysia?

Victor Eian said...

Leo, it's time to upgrade from Nur to Z-Tune.. hehehehe

Leo said...

A lot. *laughs*

Victor Eian,
No more, no more. CBA-R35 perhaps? *laughs* But to be honest, I much prefer a Mine's GT-R.

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