Sunday, February 28, 2010

Trapster, avoiding the 'saman'

Here's a really useful application available on todays popular cellphones.

It's called TRAPSTER® and started out as a simple way to track where police speed traps so that users could avoid getting that 'saman'. TRAPSTER® has grown quickly and is now available as a mobile app for the three most popular smartphones on the market, the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android platforms as well as added text-messaging capability for the general mobile phones. TRAPSTER® allows people to use their phones as radar detectors, alerting you if you approach a reported speed trap and letting you report new ones. The best part is, all of this is free!

I've been using this application for a while now and I must say, it is most useful! Works remarkably well in the Klang Valley.

I have a confession to make. I always thought of myself to be quite up to date with gadgets and gizmos, a reasonable techie. I was properly brought to shame when my dad was the one who recommended I use this app. I was driving back to the office with him one day when I heard a weird police siren tone from his pocket. Puzzled, I asked him what that was...

Dad : You don't know what this is ahhh?!
Leo : Nope, what the heck is that?
Dad : It's Trapster lahh, Tells you where all the roadblocks, speedtrap and cameras are. Will give you warning some more.
Leo : Really ah?! Whoa. Good app. Is it free arr?
Dad : Yah, go download it la. I think they have it for Blackberry also.
Leo : OK, OK.

*laughs* He knew a heck of a lot more than I did when it came to applications! Must be all the fiddling with his phones! Boys will be boys, and boys must have their toys. (^_^)

So, go sign up for an account now and get started using it. The more people reporting stuff, the more valuable this app becomes.


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