Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Common social etiquettes... or ethics

By Bryan Chin

You know, with the latest trend in technological social grounds like facebook, friendsters and what not, I feel that alot of people tend to take introductions for granted. In reality, even if u want to 'make friends' you have to at least say Hi and introduce yourselves.

Yes, no doubt this is just a cyber world but in life, it's all the small little things that makes a big different. Even when one tries to be polite by making the first move to say "Hi, may i know.. bla bla bla" he / she may blatantly be ignored as if she or he's just another 'button' to be added to the wall as accessories.

Please take note that we are still human beings with individual thoughts, feelings,etc. Respect has to be there...no one will complain about how many 'friends' they have on the 'wall' but when asked, "Hey, u know mr so, so and so" and when u go "huh?".. it's really abit of a piss off case.

Rude.. now, rudeness is when 2nd paragraph comes about and ignorance seems to be a bliss.

Enough is enough.

Weirdness and disrespect is when one comments about another's wife or girlfriend. Please refrain from doing so. If one has enough resources, they'll hunt u down.

What's even more weird is when a friend walks up to you and say "Hey, Ms so,so and so says u added her on facebook and used cheesy lines like - You look familiar, have we met?" which was a total bullshit. Now, If you are one of the above, that doesnt mean everyone's like you.. So STOP framing others or live in your little fantasy island thinking everyone's like you!

Please, look around you. The world is messy enough... if you cant help make it a better place, dont contribute to it. Have alittle bit of dignity left, if not for us, for yourself. A little bit of effort goes a long way..


I complete agree with Bryan on the subject matter. I've been getting many requests on Facebook to add me to their list of friends but to be honest, I have no idea who these people are. It doesn't help that they don't even have the courtesy to drop me a message or greeting. Which would lead to me sending my regular " Forgive me for being rude, but do I know you or have we met?" message. Often, I do not get replies, which completely baffles me as I thought the whole idea of adding me in the first place was because they wanted to get to know me, seeing how I have never met or seen some of these people before.

Here's some sarcasm I left on one of these peoples wall. Forgive me as I am in a pissy mood today. *laughs*


:: Nicole :: said...

leo, i have 205 pending friend requests.. i sent some msg out to ask if i know them but none of them reply.. i am curious how many more will i get but it seems like it stop at 205.. hahaha

Leo said...

:: Nicole ::,
I know what you mean Nicole! *laughs*

:: Nicole :: said...

so how many pending friend requests u have? maybe we can have a 'race' to see who has the most.. hahaha

Leo said...

:: Nicole ::,
I'm not as popular as you. (-_^) I deleted most of them already.

Jackie Leong said...

Hmm, I have these kind of requests on facebook too but unfortunately for them I don't simply accept just any requests la.. even if they're of the opposite sex :D

PS: Not as much request I get as you and Nicole i bet.. haha :P

:: Nicole :: said...

i didn't delete them coz i want to see how much i'd get.. hahaha.. but then leo, u got more friends than i do! so means u are more popular :p

Victor Eian said...

hmmm.. yes, gotta agree with Bryan too. It's rude for not making any introduction when adding someone...
I always make an introduction before adding someone...hohoho

Hypoglossal said...


I sent you a message a while back about purchasing a Godzilla, albeit I never got any response. You prolly just shrugged it off or something.


Leo said...

Really? I could have sworn I replied. Where did you send the message to?

kRaZy said...

I agree. I hate people who adds me up randomly just for the sake of adding the number of friends in their friend list. With no msg or whatsoever..and they don't even reply after I sent a msg asking them if we know. Now, I will just send a msg and if no replies within 3 days, I will just ignore their request =D

Hypoglossal said...

I sent the message via facebook. Pretty sure it was your account, since it shared the same display picture as your blogger account.


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