Monday, December 7, 2009

More pictures from 'the Sunday Morning shoot'... (Part 4)

Yes, more shots from Royston Wong...


Victor Eian said...

Great shot on the NUR !! SWEET!

love the #1 pic... macam entering the corner with high speed.. nice !

Possible to post up some hi-res ?? Need to update my wallpaper already..

Btw, where's the orange monster?? ekekke

Leo said...

Cheers Victor!

Umm, hi-res have to ask Royston as he was the one who snapped the shots. Will check with him when I have time.

Orange monster left early ler. He wasn't around when we took the rolling shots.

Victor Eian said...

Leo, best if put the #1 photo as your blog header... very very cun !! I just can't stop looking @ those phot.. haha

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