Tuesday, August 11, 2009

H5, bringing you Nooka and more. Coming soon...

You're all probably wondering what 'H5' in the front of the car is for.

Well, H5 is a currently a work in progress but it's an idea to bring the latest wrist gadget brands from New York to Tokyo and the coolest sneaker brands from Shanghai to London.

You can get a taste of it on Facebook at 'H5' or the blog, 'h5concepts.blogspot.com' which is currently still under construction.

We'll be opening soon at GF-27, Ground Floor of Bangsar Village II.

H5 will be carrying Nooka time pieces. If you haven't already heard of Nooka, here are a couple of pictures to give you and idea...

Nooka & The 5th Door introduces the Afro Punk inspired Nooka timepiece.

Guess who is spotted with one. None other than Chris Brown

Alicia Keys spotted wearing a Nooka watch on TRL (it's a show on MTV).

The Nooka Zub 20 Zot in Yellow.

Lil Wayne spotted with one.

Check out the official Nooka website to find out more.

Cool stuff huh!


AZT said...

somehow reminds me of nixon watches though

Leo said...

Yup, they do bear some similarities but Nooka has been around since 1997 unlike Nixon who started 8 years back. =)

Flores Hayes said...
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Leo said...

"Flores Hayes said...
a great find for panda fanatic!
my roomate won't put it down!!!

She should try Che Che Handbags instead. They are much more fun and vibrant and the craftsmanship is very meticulous too. Che Che New York. We have a boutique here in Malaysia at Mid Valley Lot G042, Ground Floor Mid Valley Megamall.

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