Thursday, August 9, 2012

Unity, Loaded and Bazarro at Maarof Junction...

Not one, not two but three retail boutiques have recently spawned at the little corner we know as Maarof Junction.

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Where shall I start...


UNITY is a guerilla store that will will feature a special collaborative collections
and house brands such as SUBCREW, MADE™, Dr Martens and many more to come.

What is SUBCREW you might ask. Well, SUBCREW was established in 2004 by Sam Lee (DJ Becareful), Frankie, Kobe. The name SUBCREW is a play of the words; SUBMARINE & CREW, representing the relentless struggles of a submarine crew that is holding their position in a time of turbulence, united and fighting for survival in the open sea.

In today's fast paced and multi faced fashion industry, the brand does not conform under pressure but stands their ground and maintains a sense individuality and originality. SUBCREW embodies the spirit of unity, which resonates well within the brand thus paving the way for UNITY, SUBCREW's speciality store. This undying spirit to be on the forefront has grown the brand from strength to strength and in a span of a few short years. SUBCREW embodies the spirit of unity, which resonates well within the brand thus paving the way for UNITY, SUBCREW's speciality store. SUBCREW via its speciality stores has expanded to Greater China, Taiwan, Macau and finally - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

UNITY Store KL will be the first store in KL to stock and sell the entire range from SUBCREW. The store will also feature a special collaborative collection entitled SUBCREWMADE™ by Jahan.

The label MADE™ is new to the street fashion industry but Jahan is a familiar face (and voice) in the scene. The inaugural collection with Subcrew is titled WORKING CLASS HEROES. Much of the theme is dedicated to those who work under radar with their faces unseen, they whose work takes precedence and speaks for them. This label is made by, and made for all the unsung heroes of our postmodern capitalist Babylon.


Conceived by a never ending lust for fashion & music, LOADED is the brainchild of XU (LapSap | Twilightaction Girl | Mini Compo) and his inner circle of like minded compadres.

This band of motley crew is determine to set out and redefine what many considers as norm. They are going to break all the rules, this is LOADED.


You can't forget the ladies now, can we...
Bazarro is a multifaceted retail environment that is dedicated to curate fresh and inspiring labels in SEA. We handpick designers and entrepreneurs in the region that are discerning about quality and style and mostly, having a story to tell you. Bazarro believes that wearable fashion need not be boring. Like a good book, with various characters and different personalities all housed together, Bazarro will definitely not be lacking in content and flavour. Experience what our designers and aspiring entrepreneurs have to offer and ignite your senses. Listen and watch it unfold.

Still don't know where all these boutiques are? Here's a map...

There was a BBQ recently to introduce the boutiques to the peeps. If you missed that, don't worry. An officiating of the stores will be held soon so head on over to the pages and like them to be kept up to date!



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