Monday, June 11, 2012

Super GT 2012

The yearly ritual. Going to the Super GT and doing the parade. It was such a different feeling when I was much younger.

I no longer ogle and chase race queens. They don't excite me as much. I am not as crazy over the 'nihon' culture as I use to. Signs I'm getting old...

Anyhow, here are a couple of shots I took on the very hot Sunday. There were plenty more pictures to take but I forgot to charge my camera the night before! ( -_-)'
Sorry, no pictures of the girls too. (._.)

Got there about 9.30am and was ushered in, to what I call, the largest used car lot ever. *laughs*

It was very hot and humid. There were a couple of tents set up so I went there to get some shade. Not long after, everyone got the same idea too and it came close to a sardine can.

I was already feeling quite uncomfortable in my T and Jeans. I don't know how this girl can stand being all dressed up and in high heels on top of that.

Getting a nice tan.

Got a close up of the GT cars during practice runs.

Whilst we all wait to do the parade, I went around taking some shots...

The RX8 that wants to be a Lamborghini.

Walauwei's Stormtrooper.

There were a couple of Skyline's too...

V-Spec II Nur my ass...

Nice looking brakes though. I need bigger brakes!

I like the pastel color theme going on here.

Hell'a flushed!

Can you say Stance:Nation.

Surprised to see a couple of S2000's around too...

Green interior trim too.

If I'm not mistaken, this is wet carbon, not dry. Looks fucking good but I think it weighs more than FRP.

Jaffri's ride, wait, I think he sold it already.

Yellow eyes.

TE37 Magnesium's? You fucking wish... I love the concave on those though.

After a couple of delays, we did our parade. Not used to seeing a traffic jam in SIC.

We all stopped in front of the pits and there was the dragon dance, pit walk about, Scottish march and other activities. Huge turnout. The boys from Thailand and Singapore drove all the way too.

Ooh, matte blue.

Carbon Fiber texture vinyl.

I am really diggin' what little Edwin has done to Chun Beng's old ride.

After that, we all got in our cars again and slowly exited the track.

Standing still in SIC on a hot day can't be good. My temps went up... but nothing serious. ^_^

I went into the grandstand area next to say hello to some friends who had booths there. Couldn't find them though, they weren't around. I did bump into Leng Yein. I also saw this...

You never know what the customer will do after they've taken the car. *laughs* This one belongs to JP Chin if I'm not mistaken.

I didn't hang around long. It was too hot. Left not long after.

After the trip, this was what's left of a full tank.

High five! So dirty after the short trip.

Maybe should have taken the 35 instead.

Super GT gathering? No...


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