Sunday, June 3, 2012

EVO reviews the Pagani Huayra claims to be the first magazine to test the Pagani Huayra. Only 40 of these will be built a year and if you want one, it will set you back €845,000. This is a whole different league of exotics.

Armed with a Mercedes-AMG 6 liter V12 that produces over 700 bhp and 1000 newton meters of torque on a carbo-titanium tubed shell that weighs close to 1500kgs with its fluids (1350 dry), you can be sure this thing will fly!

Enough said, check out the clip...

Funny... it creaks and squeaks as much as my 9 year old mini! *laughs*

You can view the whole article here.


Monster said...

hey leonard, you should check this review!! 760RS twice the price of a huayra.. 1unit worldwide only :)

Leonard Foong said...

I saw that review. Those are specially made to order cars. I don't think you can compare. Of course the price would be double. ^_^

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